About Us

We moved to a new office!

Our new address is 1740 Ridge Avenue in Evanston, Illinois. Swipe on the photo gallery to view photos of our new office.

How Meliora was Founded

I became a physician because I really wanted to take care of people and help those who are sick become better and stay healthy. As a neurologist, I found that conventional medicine relied too much on diagnosis and prescribing medications for symptoms and disease. Often times I found that it didn't address the underlying root causes, patients still had side effects to the treatments and simply didn't get better.

Fellowship Training with Dr. Weil

As I would make my rounds at the hospital, I noticed younger patients being admitted to the hospital with strokes, undergoing extensive testing and leaving the hospital with a long list of medications. I knew there was a better way.

My search to make patients better began with a two year Integrative Medicine fellowship with Dr. Andrew Weil.

Doctor Chua with Doctor Andrew Weil at Intergrative Medicine Fellowship Graduation

Discovering Integrative Medicine

In integrative medicine, patients are placed at the center and the full ranges of influences (physical, emotional, mental, social, nutritional) on their health are addressed.

I studied and experimented with various modalities, all while collecting and expanding my toolkit with different methods to help my patients. Having a neurology background helped me understand how our body's response to stress affected our digestive, immune and hormonal systems which uncovered many root causes of symptoms and disease.

Overall, Integrative Medicine simply made more sense.
Meliora Integrative Medicine

Founding of Meliora Integrative Medicine

In 2013, I founded Meliora Integrative Medicine. Meliora is Latin for better. Semper ad meliora, means "always towards the pursuit of better". As a physician, I’m always looking to find a better way to practice medicine, pursuing better ways to help my patients.