Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss Program


Weight loss programs are offered to patients as part of Meliora Integrative Medicine's Five-Point Restorative Approach.

Many patients have questioned why even with diet and exercise they are unable to lose weight. Or they complain that after going on a diet, the weight they lose comes right back.

Our Integrative Five-Point Restorative approach helps explain:

  • Why we tend to gain weight over the years.
  • Why it can be difficult to lose weight.
  • Why it is difficult to maintain our weight.

Factors affecting Weight Gain:

Poor diet.

Lack of exercise.

Low hormone & nutrient levels can lower your metabolism.

Toxins can cause rebound weight gain after dieting.

Stress can elevate cortisol levels, which trigger sugar cravings and increase fat storage in the belly.

Meliora Integrative Medicine's
Keys to a Successful Weight Loss Program

  • Optimization of hormone and nutrient levels

  • Healthy and sustainable eating plan

  • Incorporating exercise

  • Detoxification to prevent rebound weight gain

  • Stress management

  • Good support from your practitioner

If you want to lose weight, the first step is optimization.
Everyone is unique, various weight loss methods are available. Together we can discuss what is best for you.