Integrative Medicine Consultation

At Meliora Integrative Medicine in Evanston, IL, we practice integrative medicine to help patients optimize their lifestyles, reach health and wellness goals, and feel their best inside and out. Dr. Rowena Chua takes a whole-body approach to health and wellness and understands that because all the systems are connected, nutrition, hormones, and lifestyle choices are all key to achieving and maintaining a healthy balance and healthy life.

The Five-Point Restorative Approach

Our integrative five-point restorative approach to health and wellness includes a treatment plan that addresses hormones, toxins, body, mind, and nutrition. Because every system affects the other, your symptoms are a sign that your body is suffering from an imbalance. We work to determine that imbalance and treat it with our integrative approach to wellness. This approach includes an emphasis on the following:
  • Body (blood vessels, bone and muscle health, physical activity, pain)
  • Hormones (thyroid, testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, cortisol)
  • Nutrition (magnesium, B12, folate, vitamin D, digestive support)
  • Mind (subconscious, conscious, spiritual health, emotional health, stress)
  • Toxins (air, food, water, soil, medication, products, detoxification support)
Five Point Restorative Approach Graphic

The Optimization Tiers

We also place a heavy focus on optimization tiers that include stress, reduction, toxin clearance, diet and exercise changes, and balancing hormones and nutrients. Once we address these optimization tiers, it can take up to six months for nutrient and hormone levels to balance, but patients can expect improvement in their sleep, energy, level, and mood soon after beginning a treatment plan.

Optimization Tiers Graphic

Optimizing Your Brain Health

Dr. Rowena Chua will design your integrative treatment plan and, when doing so, will use her background as a neurologist to both utilize integrative approaches and evaluate and optimize your brain health to promote optimal results.

What To Expect From the Treatment Process

The treatment process begins with an initial consultation. We will perform a general analysis to get a baseline of your current health and learn more about any symptoms you’re facing. During your initial consultation, we will spend the 60-minute visit discussing your symptoms, issues, conditions, and overall health goals.

We will give you more information about the integrative five-point restorative approach and then perform a full laboratory blood test that includes comprehensive testing of both your nutrient and hormone levels so that we can determine if you’re suffering from any underlying and balances.

On your second visit, we will review your laboratory test and give you more information about how your test results relate to your symptoms and their implications for your long-term health.

We will discuss the difference between normal and optimal levels and use our restorative approach to address any imbalances. We may prescribe a combination of medical-grade supplements and natural hormone-balancing treatments to treat any nutrient or hormonal deficiencies.

After your second visit, we will schedule follow-up visits every month and then transition to scheduling visits every three to six months. During these appointments, we will discuss any changes you’ve experienced since implementing your unique treatment plan. We will also perform follow-up blood testing and adjust your plan as needed. We will take steps to further optimize your health based on any changes in your lifestyle or ultimate wellness goals.

Invest in Your Total Health

If you’re looking for a whole-body approach to treat your different symptoms and improve your health and don’t want to see a specialist for each, we can help determine the root cause of those symptoms and begin a plan that will result in your healing. We will use our five-point restorative approach to health and wellness to meet your needs, ensure your body is getting the right nutrients to thrive, and make lifestyle recommendations that you can implement and maintain long-term.