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What is Integrative Medicine?

Integrative Medicine is an approach to care that places the patient at the center. A medical physician with integrative medicine training addresses a full range of influences on your health. It is healing-oriented care that seeks to restore and maintain health and wellness through more personalized care.

Rowena Chua, MD

Founder of Meliora Integrative Medicine

In 2013, I founded Meliora Integrative Medicine. Meliora is Latin for ‘better’. Semper ad meliora means ‘always towards the pursuit of better’. As an integrative physician, I am always looking to find a better way to practice medicine and pursue better ways to help my patients.

A Collaborative Relationship

We get to know each patient as a unique individual, helping them discover their body’s innate capacity to seek wellness, look for balance, and heal itself.

Our relationship is collaborative; we work as a team to find strategies that promote overall health and prevent illness… always with an emphasis on the whole person.

Dr. Chua complements a patient’s relationship with a primary care physician and the care of other medical specialists. The nature of her practice means she can spend more time with each patient than is often possible in a conventional medical setting.

Who Can Benefit From Integrative Medicine?

Anyone can benefit from an integrative approach.

Here are the common symptoms and conditions that we see.

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Always towards the pursuit of better.

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